Hillvue Primary have hit the Ten4 Primary 5/6 League with an unsurprising enthusiastic bang. 

Hillvue are showing what it's all about with plenty of applied effort.  The League format rewards consistency and growth over raw capacity and the HPS Hound Dogs won round 3 and a number of other teams doing well. 

There have been many personal gains both on show and within. "Growing as a person is what's it's all about" says Chris Eather of T4L.  Each week the kids build upon what they've learn from previous rounds and the growth compounds and the gains aren't always just on the scoreboard.

Led from the front by assistant principal of special ed and champion Jacqui Goodwin and Lachie Porter, we're grateful for the opportunity to work with their students and share the benefits to our wider community.  Keep up the good work team!

15 May 2023

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