Today's world is very different to yesterday and many sports have needed to adjust their formats significantly to meet the demands of modern lifestyle both from a playing and viewing perspective.  Our industry is no different.  

There's been tremendous growth in bouldering as the majority of gyms produced are now boulder only facilities both domestically and internationally.  Boulder has a strong social recreational component so it's no surprise to those in the industry.  

We've just taken the sport to a new level by developing a format that's built around inclusion.  At the core of the T4L is a handicap system which rewards consistency and growth over capacity and yet provides a pathway for the more competitively inclined.   Players can track their own progression and the team forms an inclusive method of accountability for showing up.  Teams are often made up of players from varying levels of capacity and that's the inclusive glue.

So, when you combine a highly physically and mentally challenging activity with a reason to keep showing up there's little surprise that the results are astounding.  Inclusion is everything. 

29 May 2023

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