Since its inception in March 2017 the Ten4 Boulder League has evolved and we enter our 25th season.  

Over nearly seven years this sport and the central north boulder league is now firmly established and a major sport in central north NSW by any metric.  The weekly round format hasn't changed.  However, now with established clubs involving competitive and social pathways the T4L sets a new standard. 

To look back on things from day one to now there's a massive difference but the one thing that has never changed is our mission - to build stronger communities. And you only need to look at the metrics to see the progress here. 

So T4L 25 is our 25th season and round 1 starts on 9 Oct.  Bring it on!

If you're new to this sport then check out the timetable and come on over to the gym for a test drive. 

9 Oct 2023

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