Previous Winners of the Central North NSW T4L League 

 2023 T4L 22 T4L 23 T4L 24 T4L 25
 Opens Club Championship Honey Badgers Honey Badgers Honey Badgers                                         
 Opens Social League South Tamworth Donkeys Attunga Hornets Attunga Hornets 
 High School Club Championship Donkeys Donkeys Honey Badgers 
 High School League Crocs  Chameleons (HB) Chameleons (HB) 
 Primary 5/6 League  Iguanas Iguanas (D) Bobcats (H) 

2022 T4L 18 T4L 19 T4L 20 T4L 21
 Opens - Club Championship  Honey Badgers  Honey Badgers  Honey Badgers  Honey Badgers
 Opens Social League  Chicken Crimpies  Ledge Endz  Donkeys  Daruka Honey Badgers
 High School (HS) Championship  Geckos  Geckos  Geckos  Geckos
 High School (HS) League  NA  Galahs (CAS)  Assassins (MCC)  Red Bulls 2
 Primary 5/6 League  Firebirds  Crusaders  Iguanas  Iguanas

2021 T4L 16 T4L 17  - -
 Opens Championship  Smokey Guns     Boulder Dash   NA (covid)          NA (covid)            
 Opens Social League  WC Wolves Honey Badgers NA (covid) NA (covid)
 High School (HS) Championship   Geckos Geckos NA (covid)

NA (covid)

2020 T4L 13   - T4L 14 T4L 15
 Opens Championship   Billy Goats NA (covid) Ledge Endz Ledge Endz
2019 T4L 9 T4L 10 T4L 11 T4L 12
 Opens Championship     Ledge Endz Ledge Endz Rock Rockets Billy Goats
2018 T4L 5 T4L 6 T4L  7 T4L 8
 Opens Championship              Stone Monkeys ElectromagnatismBilly Goats Ice Climbers
2017  T4L T4L  2 T4L 3 T4L    4
 Opens Championship    The Crimps The CrimpsIce Climbers                   

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