Season start: The final season for 2023 (T4L25) starts Mon 9 Oct.  Our 25th season.

Waiver - All participants must complete the risk waiver prior to starting the very first time.  Available on the registration page, online HERE or in person.  

How do I try it out (youth)?  Youth can come at one of the sport times.  There's a no-obligation free first session before sport commitment is thereafter required.  Alternatively, students may register through their school if offered as school sport. 

How do I try bouldering (adults)?   Come at one of the rec session times or if you know a current adult member then come with them.  Just rock on up for a test-drive session and go from there.  Single session cost is $25 and includes chalk and hire shoes.

When do the seasons start?  Round 1 of each season is week 1 of the school term. This season starts 18 Jul. There are four seasons per year.  Each starts and ends with the school terms.

How many players in a team?  Youth teams consist of 3-6 players.  Opens teams consist of 4-8 players. All teams are affiliated with one of the three clubs.

Can I try it out if I don't have a team?  YES.  Just turn up and we'll make it work.  

Can I join during the season?  YES.  Registration is over the front desk for rest-of-season. 

Can I register without a team?  YES.  There's a lot of like-minded people here so just turn up at your preferred time slot as above and we'll work it out.

What do you need?  A willingness to have a go.  Hire shoes are included in the registration process.

Can the Active Kids Voucher be used? - YES.  It's built into the online registration process or can be done in person if you prefer.

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