Before Ten4 Bouldering came along, my most obvious problem was physical; a bad back, bad back muscle flexibility and sciatica pain.  Not all problems were not apparent.  It was in hindsight that it dawned on me what I was getting out of it all.

I've found the sense of community that exist within and around Ten4, to be what I needed without realising it. The sense of accomplishment, pushing myself mentally and physically, all has had and continues to have an impact on my mental and physical health. The physical activity itself has reduced my back issues almost non-existent.

Now, those problems are solvable and Ten4 and the lifestyle & mindset of Bouldering help with all that.  Having brief limited experiences at other city gyms, having seen city dwellers and out of towners come in; it's the sense of community that sets Ten4 apart.

Life now, being back at Ten4 Bouldering is better.  Physical health goes up and down.  I sometimes eat bad and suffer for it physically. But it's dawning on me that the health benefits I am reaping from attending is worth more than I can describe.

Scott Chapman

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