Bouldering - the activity

Bouldering is a formal discipline of rock-climbing.  Performed at low height without ropes or belay devices, the activity involves a high degree of problem solving and physical exertion.

There are many different routes in the gym. Each route is formally called a ‘problem’ which is defined by coloured holds/grips.  Each ‘problem’ has a defined start point A and a defined finishing point B. The aim is to work out how to physically get from point A to point B with using the one colour only.  

How you physically get there is totally up to you with no right or wrong.  Problems are graded from easy to hard to cater for all levels of physical capacity.

The Sport  

The Ten4 Boulder League (T4L) is our team-based sport and is the core framework of what we do. 

There are three clubs (Hornets, Donkeys & Honey Badgers) with each club having teams in Opens, High School and Primary 5/6 divisions. 

Sport takes priority over recreation. Click HERE for more information about our sport.


Recreation is available at the Tamworth gym facility for adults only outside sport times.  Click HERE for more information. 


The collective health benefits of Bouldering are many and often profound.  The common denominator is people who enjoy solving interesting problems regardless of age, gender or nationality.  It's simply very physically and mentally challenging in a supportive environment. 

This is our community and it’s built around respect and inclusion.

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