Before I began bouldering at Ten4 specifically, I was struggling to find some exercise that could both push me, mentally and physically, but also something I really enjoyed. I tried going to a regular gym a few times, but didn't feel the exercise's I was doing were helping me gain strength to reach some goal. It felt like I was just building muscle for the sake of doing it, which did not keep me motivated to keep going. Also, I felt it lacked a sense of community and social aspect. 

It was extremely frustrating, being stuck in this sort of conundrum where I never wanted to be at the gym but also, I wanted to work on myself and be active. I found in my late teens to early twenties, most of my friends would go to the gym or had some sport that they loved or found it easy to be invested in but I just couldn't find that myself. 

When I discovered Ten4 Bouldering it really made a difference in my life. Instantly I felt a strong sense of community and was welcomed openly. I remember being coached and cheered on by the other climbers in the gym, despite me being a fresh face around. The climbs were difficult but I enjoyed the movement and variety. I loved the challenge of the climbs, not only physically but mentally, in terms of solving each route. The notion of being able to progress from easy routes with big holds, to more complex climbs with tiny crimps was very exciting.

Almost instantly, the second the soreness in my hands and arms went away, I was strait back to Ten4 for a second visit. I felt pushed physically, which was great but I also just loved being there and partaking in the sport. 

I'm in Sydney now and a member of a group of bouldering gyms up here. I try to be there 2-3 times a week and would go more if I could physically handle it. I find bouldering is a good space to clear my head when life gets a busy. Safe to say I'm very glad I came across Ten4 Bouldering. 

Eddy Cameron

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