When do the seasons start?  There are four seasons per year.  Week 1 of the school term is Round 1 each season. 

How many players in a team?  Teams consist of 3-6 players in all youth categories.  Opens are in Clubs and teams of 4-15 players. 

Can I try it out if I don't have a team?  YES.  Just turn up and we'll make it work.  

How do I try it out?  Youth may join through their school sport or come during the specified times. All youth are $18 for the one session before season commitment is required.  Players may join a team any time during the season.  Adult Members simply join a team in one of the Clubs.

Can I join during the season?  YES.  Best if you're in at the start but it's absolutely AOK.

Can I register without a team?  YES.  Even if you don't have your team together straight away, we can work it out till that happens or we can put you into a suitable team if you'd prefer.

Do I need to register?  YES. Online, at the front desk or by email. 

What do you need?  A willingness to have a go.  Hire shoes are included in the registration process.  All players need to complete the Waiver form prior to starting (part of registration process).

Can the $100 Active Kids Voucher be used? - YES.  It's built into the registration process

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