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* The Finals are approaching in two weeks.  You'll notice a hive of activity at the gym in preparation for it.  Sasha will be on deck for the setting as we take the Opens Club Championship to the next level.  9 Dec at 6pm Lock in the time and date for what will be a cracker of an evening. 

* Check out the League LADDERS and the Weekly Wrap.

* Christmas Party and Presentation night is on Fri 16 Dec  - lock in the date.  Theme - HAWAAIAN.  Before then, the T4L finals night is the next major event. 

* ALL ADULT MEMBERS - Please note any guests you bring into the facility MUST be 18 yrs + and signed-in by you at the front desk.  No exceptions. 

Quote of the week:  "Consistency of effort over the long run is everything"  Angela Duckworth

Upcoming Events

* Ten4 League FINALS - Fri 9 Dec

* Xmas Party  and Presentation night Fri 16 Dec 

General Noticeboard

* Check the Calendar - Sport and booked times are here.

* The Fan

- Things are heating up now so if you're the last to leave please ensure that the fan is turned off before you go.  Switch box is located in front of drinks fridge.  Green for go. Red for stop. Up or down arrows for speed. Simple.

* Finals format change - with the addition of a comp wall the format will change for finals in the Opens Club Championship.  It will adopt a World Cup finals format with 4 problems.  The Youth finals format will remain the same for this season. More details about how it works here ...

* Route Videos 

- Some routes will have a QR code on the start label. This is a video of intended beta.

* Social Media - We have a closed Facebook group called Ten4 Members.  Members are welcome to join. 

* Climbing Equipment - We have a partnership with Mountain Equipment based in Sydney.  Use the code at the gym for a discount. 

* Climbing Shoes - Youth are not expected to buy climbing shoes and we have built an option in the registration to opt in to use the gym shoes.  However you may do so and we have a relationship with Mountain Equipment to buy shoes at a discount rate.    Adults are expected to have your own shoes. Ask at the gym how this works. 

* Chalk - we have re-introduced powdered chalk as long as it's in chalk balls and kept inside chalk bags.  

* Guest Access - Adult members are welcome to bring guests into the gym for a casual session.  Guests must be 18 yrs + and follow sign-in protocols please.  If not coming with a current member, guests must ring and book ahead.  If the door bell rings then Members are under no obligation to answer it.  If you as a Gold level member provide access to the facility to a non-member then they become YOUR guest and YOU are responsible for them.  If at all in doubt then ring 67655457.   Please remember,  18 yrs + only.  

* Gallery - Check out the galleries for pictures  locally and representative. 

* Resource Library - Members will need to login to access our library. 

* Yoga - Friday mornings with Charlie Abra 6:30-7:30am.  

* Star Routes - Look for any coloured holds labeled accordingly.  V4 + only.  

* NEW routes - Are marked on the scoreboard with 'NEW' written next to them.  Flash points apply to these routes. 

* Route Changes - Each week there are random changes.  Just prior to the start of each Ten4 season there is a major reset with all new routes.  Check the Calendar here for dates. 

* Tamworth Representative Bouldering Team - Check out the eligibility criteria for the next level for those interested in this pathway.  It has been updated as at 01 Apr 2022.

* Shoe Resoles:  There are a number of reputable climbing shoe repairers.  Contact and send your shoes directly.  

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