General Noticeboard

* Route Videos 

- Some routes will have a QR code on the start label. This is a video of intended beta. 

* Social Media - Follow your club on Instagram. We also have a closed Facebook group called Ten4 Community Noticeboard.  Members of all clubs are welcome to join. 

* Mountain Equipment - We have a partnership with equipment supplier Mountain Equipment based in Sydney.  Use the code in-house at the gym for a discount. 

* Climbing Shoes - Youth are not expected to buy climbing shoes and we have built an option in the registration to opt in to use the gym shoes.  However you may do so and we have a relationship with Mountain Equipment to buy shoes at a discount rate.    Adults are expected to have your own shoes. Ask at the gym how this works. 

* Chalk - Adult members are expected to provide your own chalk from this point forward.  If we encourage everyone to use chalk bags and buckets sparingly (not excessively) then we can help minimise the unnecessary amount of chalk dust that fills the air.  We ask that chalk bags are not worn (unless the specific problem you're on really requires it please and there really aren't many in the gym). 

* Star Routes - Look for any coloured holds labeled accordingly.  V4 + only.  

* NEW routes - Are marked on the scoreboard with 'NEW' written next to them.  Flash points apply to these routes. 

* Route Changes - Each week there are random changes.  Just prior to the start of each T4L season there is a major reset with all new routes.  Check the Calendar for dates. 

* Shoe Resoles:  There are a number of reputable climbing shoe repairers.  Contact and send your shoes directly.  

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