Yes we've cracked the 100 mark 

It only feels like yesterday but there's been quite a lot of growth since our inception in Mar 2017.  We started with around 35 routes in total.  With the most recent wall extension, we've now cracked 100 routes milestone.  With it comes a nice feeling of energy and expanded opportunity for our setting team.  And things just keep improving.

We aim to create thought-provoking problems across all grades.  There are no ladders here.  Think, explore, grow has been a catch-cry we've long adopted.  Many of these problems are comprised of unique duel-textured timber holds that must be one of the largest collections in the world.  Another feature that makes Freestyle in itself truly unique. 

It really is just a nice milestone and we'll continue on our merry ways to making Freestyle and the Ten4 as successful and as enjoyable as possible.  

5 Oct


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