The Origin Story 

At Freestyle, health is and has always been our primary motivator.  We're backing in the physiology of our activity to deliver positive physical health outcomes and it works extremely well.  However, early on there was a problem. 

In order to get the results, we needed to get the workload up and this was proving difficult for many beginners.  With many people starting out with soft hands and minimal technique we started exploring options in timber to make it easier.  With resident professional rock climber Sasha Gerzha with us, the RnD began in 2018.  Many high-end training tools for rock climbers are made from timber and this is simply due to the same friction qualities we were chasing.  So we knew it could be done, we just had to figure out the combination of shapes and product combinations to make it work effectively.  And together we had the skillset to do it professionally. 

This then evolved into exploring options in dual texture and we had the perfect testing facility in Freestyle.  Before long Kaputar was born and soon after were became much busier than we anticipated with orders coming from all over the world.  We had to gear up our workshop to accommodate the orders and they kept coming.  However, this is not what we set out to do and we were spending too much time in this space rather than serving and building the Freestyle community.  

So Kaputar is now a sole supplier to Freestyle exclusively.  And now we host what must undoubtedly be one of the largest collection of duel textured climbing holds in the world.   The work rate for the beginner is up, the community is building nicely and the space looks and feels distinctly unique. 

We'll keep experimenting and testing and measuring and the work continues.  This is our origin story and the marriage looks set to continue into the future.

5 Oct


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