Focus on the stretch zone 

The comfort zone is a safe place to be.  The panic zone is ... not.  So the key area is to focus on the space in between and this is where the magic and the growth happens.

In our context this can often be a fine line.  Bouldering often has moments of massive wins and growth opportunities by it's very nature.  However, it can also be confronting because the fear of failure in the company of others is very real.  So what's absolutely essential here is to have a supportive and inclusive environment that encourages us all to fail as an important recognised contributor to growth.   Fail without judgement.  Failing is a good thing because it allows us to explore possibilities and learn.  

When bouldering, a good rule of thumb is to aim to learn 'something' from each and every attempt at a problem.  Focus on one or two key things to place your mind on, set your intention and learn.  It often starts with reading the problem for key sequences of body positions for each move.  This then evolves to the subtleties within each position and the transitions between each one.  

Yes, solving each problem in itself is the primary objective of bouldering.  However, there is much more to when you look deeper.  Ask yourself one key question in this regard - "What are the most optimal sequence of moves for this problem?"  How do you make this physical process as smooth and as graceful as possible in a way that works for you?  

The lessons within this process expand beyond Bouldering.  Do this.  Go there and watch what happens...magic.

14 Nov


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