The Season 4 2021 wrap up.

As the year comes to a close the final season of the Ten4 Boulder League has too.  Whilst unquestionably a much quieter than usual season by way of registered players the conclusion was one of the best.  

Covid-19 did its thing and ruled out a whole stack of youth teams but the bottom line is that we still had a season with 21 teams and all-in-all it was fantastic.  I suppose this is just natural progression as bit by bit the overall quality keeps improving.  The Finals night was a fine example of just that with a tight finish and many solid performances from everyone involved in the top six teams.  In the end it was the The Geckos who took out the first grade Youth Cup.

Opens did not have a Championship season this time round.  We decided to run a social comp only and it was the newcomers the WC Wolves who pretty much led from start to finish chased hard by the Meerkats.  This is a handicap-based system so rewards go to consistency and improvement.  Well done team and thank you to everyone involved for participating in these rather exhausting times.

We look forward to Season 1 2022 in a big way. 

There is only one major change - opens team sizes will reduce from a maximum of twelve to six players and a minimum of three players.  Everything else continues to pump along nicely and continue to grow it will.  Bring it on. 

9 Dec


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