The bricklayer and the cat

We're attracted to this activity for a range of reasons but there are some common denominators.  Often, it's the unique blend of problem solving and physical exercise. 

Something we see quite often as we transition from beginners to the intermediate space is people growing stronger faster than the ability to read the problem itself.  This is perfectly normal and makes natural sense.  However, it's around now we need to ask ourselves the question of what exactly are we aiming to achieve?  

Yes the rules of engagement are clearly defined to what it entails to send (solve) the problem.  But it goes deeper than that.  Masters of any craft make it look easy, often smooth and seamless.  And it's very true to our sport also with the best being very cat-like in their movement - strong, powerful and graceful.  It starts with your own internal dialogue to why you're here and what is it you're looking for.  

When you muscle through a problem without really unpacking the finer nuances within then there's plenty you're missing out on.  Ultimately this tends to be short lived and leads to a plateau.  If you aim to reveal the problem in the smoothest way possible it often becomes the most efficient way also.   

Once you've learnt the foundation skills, then learn to read the movement requirements of each piece of the puzzle - regardless of the grade.  Take a step back.  Look for these finer details one step at a time. Explore them. Feel them. Lean into the work.  What can you change in your body position to make each section smooth and the easiest way for you?  Then link them together.  Some people do this more naturally than others and we all learn in different ways but the process is the same.

It takes time but the reward is much more satisfying and the process pays dividends.  

If a bricklayer is not smooth and efficient, his career is short lived.  There are plenty of master craftsman in this space well into their latter years.  So if longevity factors into your question of what are you hoping to achieve then perhaps thinking about this may help.  

11 Feb 2022


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