Ten4 Boulder League - Season 1 2022 

Welcome to 2022.  With growth comes changes and there's plenty of both ....

* There is now a Primary school Ten4 League (years 5 and 6 only) - Thursdays 4:45 - 5:30pm. Same format, a little less time. 

* ALL teams (Opens and Youth) in all categories consist of 3-6 players

* Opens teams may have both an A and B grade.  

* Youth who are born in 2007 or before and have a personal grade above 5.0 may step up to Open A grade.  These players may compete in both Youth and Opens if they so choose but we recommend only one. 

* Opens B will have the handicap system applied (rewarding consistency and growth).  A score of 210 is regarded as par (ie. any score above 210 means that the team as a whole has improved.  Some players may have underperformed whilst others may have over performed so the team as a collective score is reflected here. 

* Open A and Youth categories are raw scores.

* Youth A grade is determined from scores after round 4. 

* Finals is at the end of round 9 and is for Open A and Youth A only.  The top six teams in the youth and the top four teams opens A will compete for the the trophies. 


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