6 Good Reasons to Join the Ten4 Boulder League

There are plenty of reasons why joining the Ten4 Boulder League is a mighty fine idea. Here are some of the main ones...

1. Strength - Some activities simply make you strong.  Very few can rival the strength gains of Bouldering and it's done without the sets and reps.  Each round you build on your previous gains and you track your growth with your personal grade and score.  Showing up each week allows you to build strength and consistency here matters. Strength is measurable and it transfers to everyday life.  

2. Confidence - Is built on compounding the incremental small gains one by one in solving the problems - the nature of the activity.  However, you're also holding yourself accountable to the rules of the game so confidence is built on solid foundations.  Whether it's handing in an assignment or delivering a project on time, a lot of confidence comes from doing your best in the time you have. 

3. Motivation - Team-based sport and small group PT is effective because of the accountability to one another and it develops the habit of showing up.  Tracking your personal growth can be highly motivating and it's easy to forget how far you've actually come.  The Ten4 grading system is one of integrity and it gives you an honest reflection of your growth.  Route setting is subjective so relying on a 'hole-in-one' moment feels good at the time but is hardly a genuine method of knowing deep-down where you're at. 

4. Time Effective - One hour per week.  That's it.  Boulder recreationally other times or train if you like but this sport demands no other fixed time.  Adults can score any-time where youth are at set times. 

5. Cost effective - You really only need a pair of climbing shoes.  Nothing else.  Chalk is now provided.  Youth don't need anything as shoes and chalk are included in the registration. 

6. Flexible Competition - Some people are more motivated than others when it comes to competition.  The Ten4 League caters for the competitively inclined but it's designed around inclusion because building stronger communities is what we're all about.  How you choose to engage is up to you but if you're not into competition then that's ok, the Ten4 League is a framework for showing up.  The environment itself does the rest. 

Recreation definitely has it's place and the demand is high but if you really want to gain the most out of this activity then joining the Ten4 League is a sure way to do it.   

18 April 2022


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