Opening Hours 

Our Members are the life-blood and form the culture of this community.  As such, our members are our number one priority and we structure ourselves accordingly.  However, we all start somewhere so there is a specific way we introduce new faces to our sport and this community.  

Most of us need to taste test things to see if it suits.  Youth can do this as a one-off session before season commitment to the sport is required.

Youth may join the Ten4 Boulder League as a structured sport weekdays during the school term.  There are other Membership options available but this is an ideal introduction pathway.  Look at the website for these times and just rock-on-up at one of these times.

Adults have two options; book or come in with a current member.  There are NO open hours for the general public as such

Adult non-members can ring 67655 457 and come in weekdays by appointment (outside Ten4 sport times).  Alternatively, current Gold level Members have swipe card access and accompany their adult guest(s).   

There are always exceptions so ring 67 655 457 and we'll do our best to accommodate. 

People like us do things like this so we're primarily focused on our community. It's as simple as that!

Feb 2022


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