Freestyle is changing its name

Freestyle is evolving its name to Ten4 Bouldering.  Nothing else - just the name.  The Ten4 Bouldering League has been the core component of what we do from the very beginning and it's time to unite with one brand and simplify. 

Our mission is to build stronger communities by providing an environment that empowers people to thrive.  So this is more than a gym.  The gym is the locality yet it's the activity and the people that makes the Ten4 community what it is.  

We have a non-for-profit component arm of our business and this is especially important for youth development and equal opportunity.  This is an exiting step for us and we're making cultural change one day at a time, drip by drip.

Ten4 is our brand and we'll be making this transition in the coming weeks. 

28 Mar 2022


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