An Environment of Strength 

Lumberjacks are strong.  As are most builders, farmers, shipwrights, concreters, scaffolders, shearers, landscapers, rope access technicians and the list goes on for people who use their bodies for physical work.  Strength is a result of time in their environment and it's functional by it's very definition.  Many don't train for it, it just happens. 

However, the day-to-day environment for many people is not so physically demanding and it reflects in the general health statistics.  Our bodies adjust to doing buggerall and before long we've lost our foundation movement patterns and we have some work to do to get back to even a baseline level of physical health.  It's easy to do, especially when the standard keeps being lowered and when you're in that environment it's hard to even see that it's happening. 

So we go to the gym or we play sport or perhaps both.  Good.  Many of us need to

Ten4 Bouldering is essentially a hybrid combination of both.  This environment will make you really strong.  It just happens.

30 May 2022


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