Set Your Intention

There is much to be gained by deliberately setting your intention before every attempt or effort.  What exactly are you going to focus on?

Sometimes it's just to learn how a certain move feels or to explore options.  Other times it's the finer nuances within each move and start refining your body position or perhaps visualising the whole route in it's pieces.   Any which way we look at it, setting our intention before we start is such a powerful tool. 

When you're working on a problem, it's a good idea to aim to learn something from each and every attempt.  Avoid doing the same thing and expecting a different result because that doesn't work - ever.  We then train ourselves to adapt and this ultimately becomes a habit.  Being able to adapt at a given moment is what it's all about.

If a certain move isn't working then change your attack.  Explore other options and see how it feels.  The aim is often to complete the route as smoothly and as efficiently as possible - even on the most brutal and dynamic of moves.   This always pays dividends and it starts with setting your intention. 

16 May 2022


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