Established in 2017, the T4L has grown into one of Australia's premier Bouldering competitions.  

Categories / Divisions

There are Opens, High School (HS) and Primary (PS) divisions.  


HS has both a Championship competition and a Social competition.  PS has a Championship competition only.  The Opens has a Club Championship competition and a Social competition. 

Format and Scoring

All competitions are team-based.  Championship competitions are based on raw scores and the Social competitions use a handicap system.

Each player has 60 mins to complete their highest four scores each round. The team score is the combination of all players.  There are 9 regular rounds with finals at the end for the Championship competitions.  Winners of the Social competitions are determined after 9 rounds with top-of-the-ladder results. 

Youth must score during their nominated time each week where adults / opens have flexibility.  Opens may score on Wed at 5:45pm (the one nominated time) or on an anytime basis each week.  Scores are all live online and ladders are updated on Mondays. 


Player Grades

Players earn a 'grade' relative to their own personal round scores.  Each round score is relative to one another and players must complete a minimum of five round scores to be eligible for Championship finals.  Player names in the Opens are anonymous. 

Personal grades are season specific.  However, a baseline grade is applied to individual players at the start of each social competition based on the previous season grade. 

Clubs and Teams

Opens operate in clubs with multiple teams under each club whilst the youth divisions run independent teams affiliated to schools rather than clubs. 


There are three Opens Clubs - Honey BadgersDonkeys and the Hornets.  Clubs are represented by teams in the Social competition and the Club Championship competition.  All adult members are encouraged to join one of these three clubs.  

Opens Teams

Teams in the Opens sizes are made up of 4-15 players per team. Players may form teams of their own choice and are established for the Social competition.  Players that are not specified into a team will automatically be placed in the 'Central' team.  Teams are named by either suburb or number.

The Club Championship score is determined by the highest six individual player scores of each round regardless of which team that player is in.  The Championship team is therefore the 'representative team' of each club rather than a specified group of players.  Each club has one Championship team.  Come finals time, each club will be represented by the 6 players with the highest season grade in their club.   

Youth Teams

Teams in the youth divisions are made up of 3-6 players per team.  Players may form teams of their own choice (with approval from Ten4) and teams may roll from season to season or come in and out of the competition as they choose.  Players may change teams only once per season and players may join a team at any stage during the regular season.  Teams may nominate which competition they'd like to join (ie. Championship or Social or both).  

Youth players may also nominate if they choose to represent in own team or their representative school team in the Championship comp.  This must be made at the start of each season. 

Championship Finals

Finals are held on the Friday afternoon and evening of Round 9 for HS and Opens Championship teams.  HS Finals format is as per previous seasons.

The Opens Club Championship is adopting a new format.  Finals will be now a World Cup finals format with four problems in isolation for the top 6 players from each club.  The Premiership will be determined by a combination formula of minor premiership placing and on-the-night finals results in a similar way the Olympics works.  The order of finishing place will be multiplied by each other for a total outcome.  If there's a tied combination score at the end of the finals then an other two isolation problems will be used for the tie-breaker.  

This document will be updated as necessary and the most recent information is on our website. 

Current as at 17 Oct 2022


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