Season 4 2022 - Youth Finals 

2022 started with covid disruption, gained momentum then grew and grew.  A stable consistent force was the high school team of the Geckos who went back-to-back all year and finished the year off with a clean sweep of the Championship competition.  It also closes out a memorable era as the High School Championship competition has grown to the point of becoming a representative inter-school competition in 2023. 

The Geckos team consisting of Fred Eather, Anna George, Cooper Gale and Jack Mitchell dominated the scoreboard and finished well clear of the pack which should be no surprise as this team is loaded with state rep athletes.  The McCarthy Rep team are also stacked with talent also and finished second and the Calrossy Rep team finished third.  Peel and Oxley were close behind and Farrer were not in the event due to students out of town excursion. 

The teams competition with it's handicap system will continue and is highly encouraged as it forms the heart and soul of our community in both Opens and in youth.

On that note, the Red Bulls 2 team from McCarthy took out the teams competition with the Punk Turtles from Peel High School in second and the girls from the Emus in third.  Well done guys and a great effort. 

In the Primary year 5/6 competition, the Iguanas took out the trophy.  The team consisting of Chloe Byrnes, Elias and Reece Watt and Camden Boyce were dominant all season and were deserved winners.  Elias had to back up in the high school finals as a last minute replacement and what a talent this boy is!  

12 Dec 2022


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