There's very little of the regular kind around here.  The competition walls are another example of just that.

These wall systems are hinged in multiple positions. Why?  To create infinite possibilities of course.  The ability to adapt to whatever's in front of you is what it's all about.  These walls are important for our Club Championship finals where the format takes a different look.  If you haven't experienced this as an athlete or a spectator then you really should because this is where we pull our clubs together for one big event.

The other thing these walls systems do is allow the opportunity to learn skills that are difficult to teach or apply on the main walls.  This is particularly the case in dynamic and slab sequences.  Routes are applied for skill acquisition and just fun.  They're independent of the T4L and will be subject to change anytime. 

From this week there'll be more happening in this space and we encourage you to give things a go.  Remember, these problems have more to do with learning the intended skills the route presents as opposed to finding your path of least resistance.  

25 Feb 2023

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