The high school competition is in full swing and the youth Club Competition is now formed.  Quick re-cap...

The teams competition continues on as usual but the high school now has evolved into having a Club Championship competition identical to the Opens at the expense of the inter-school competition.

Farrer and Oxley form a perfect example of what sport is all about - collaboration and community.

These two high schools share the same timeslot for afternoon sport which makes for one busy session on Fridays.  And they're brought together here by the common ground of problem solving.  Teams are no longer divided by schools and instead are united by our clubs and the fruits of working together are coming out very quickly.  

Students from both schools can regularly be seen working together to help unpack problems from all around the gym.  Regular Farrer teacher and champion Michelle Clausen was away on the day and a worthy replacement in Mr Matt Dodds (aka The Rocket Man) rose to his usual enthusiastic fist-pumping energetic level for any student in his immediate reach.  

Farrar and Oxley both feature well in the teams competition each week as the key requirement is consistency and growth - both of which are in abundance.  This tends to happen by having a red-hot poker-dot go so well done to you all and keep up the good work.  

27 Feb 2023

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