There's a few key points that players need to understand when it comes to scoring. 

In order to determine your grade and provide a reference point that has credibility, you MUST compete FOUR scores in the 60 mins you have.   It's how the game works.  What's the point lining up for a 400m running race if you're going to pull out with 50m to go?  Plus, it dramatically affects your team's outcome.

A good strategy to get started is to just get four scores. Then build.  It takes the pressure off. Even if you fall short of what you're hoping to do, at least your bases are covered.  

Another key point is the number of players who NEED to score in each team each week.  Youth teams need 3 players to score each round and Opens need 4 players minimum to score.  Your team score will be smashed if you don't reach the minimum and that's just how the sport works.  

The handicap system rewards consistency and growth so any score above +/- 'zero' will have a positive effect on your personal grade.  If your team is collectively above zero then your team will do well regardless of individual capacity.  For example, If someone scores a -30 then your team will get smashed on the scoreboard and it's a tough recovery no matter what the other team players do. 

Going it alone is not what the T4L is all about.  If you want to go far, work together.  

02 Mar 2023

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