We’re living in times of rapid change – a pace the world has never seen before.  Technological advancements have changed our lives on so many levels and it's certainly not slowing down anytime soon.

The key to thriving and not just surviving is our ability to learn and adapt.  It always has been but now perhaps the importance is highlighted now more than ever. 

Easy to say, hard to do.  Or is it?  

We’re creatures of habit so consciously spending time building resilience by working on and solving interesting and challenging problems is a good place to start.  And this is exactly what Bouldering is all about.  Even the terminology is aligned as each route is technically called a ‘problem’. 

The choices you make have very real consequences.  Poor choices and you’re out as the problem will buck you off physically.  And that's ok because there's plenty of learning in this space.  Good choices equates to efficient movement and this takes time to learn and it doesn’t happen by chance.  You need to go looking for it with intention. Have the courage of your convictions to go here and it'll pay dividends. 

It starts with a conscious choice and when you stack a pile of these together pretty soon you’ve developed a habit and this changes everything.  The learning has a compound effect.  The more skills you add to your toolbox, the easier things become and it begins to feel more and more natural. After a while you get in and out of a car differently.  You’ve trained yourself to adapt and these habits feed into the subconscious which have a mighty powerful effect.

You’ve been training yourself to problem solve and the Ten4 environment is designed to encourage and facilitate accelerated learning. “Learn something from every effort” is a phrase that’s repeated a lot around here.

So when it comes to transferable skills, Bouldering has a far-reaching ‘mind and body’ effect way beyond what most non-boulders will ever know.  

The elite athletes make it look graceful and seamless efficiency has that appearance no different to any elite athlete in their given sport. However, the problem solving component of the sport isn’t diluted at all for these guys.  If anything it’s amplified as the problems are just presented in finer detailed nuances which happens with more difficult problems.   

Now putting it all together, at your physical capacity limit in a set time frame is what the T4L does. 

The clock makes our actions accountable and this helps make these transferable skills all the more real.

13 Mas 2023

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