Rock climbing gyms are in many countries all around the world.  They're referred to as 'gyms' for good reason.  Just like the boxing gym, the activity itself carries immense physical benefits.  

After learning some foundation techniques, rock climbing is very much a highly effective whole body activity involving significant cognitive engagement.  Around here, Bouldering has priority as a a structured sport with recreation second. 

Yes it can be upper body dominate and yes grip strength does matter but the all-round physical loadings in our space are significant.  Stability, balance and coordination also matter and they all play a part in forming a balanced 'program'.  If you look at key movement and strength principles you'll find that pound for pound Bouldering delivers some serious results. 

The sets and reps mount up with even knowing it but more importantly movement integrity is prioritised.  For example - Ever tried squatting with your toes touching the wall? 

It's called a blocked position and if there's movement dysfunction in your squat pattern you're going to find this rather challenging / impossible.  Bouldering has this blocked position inbuilt by design so monitoring 'form' is unnecessary.  If you can't get into these positions then the 'problem' will spit you off much like how a surfer pops up onto her surfboard to catch a wave.  Movement first, then fitness.

It's a bottomless pit this one with experts on every street corner so we'll go no further on this topic for now. 

If you enjoy solving interesting problems and the physical challenge then that's a common denominator people like us connect on.  Our sport just happens to run from a facility our industry commonly refer to as a gym and it may differ from the cultural norm around here.  And that's ok. 

20 Mar 2023

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